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“We love stories about running”, entrevista a Simon Freeman

Like the Wind posters at the launch party


Entrevista por Filipe Gil


Na visita que recentemente fiz a Londres tive a oportunidade de entrevistar Simon Freeman, editor e criador da Like The Wind Magazine, e corredor de maratonas e ultra maratonas. E ele a sua parceira, Julie, explicaram, entre cervejas e cidras, o que os fez criar uma agência de marketing dedicada só ao running, lançar uma revista de running e ainda ter tempo para preparar o próximo UMTB. Falámos ainda do grande crescimento que o Trail Running está a ter no Reino Unido.

Para sermos mais fiéis às respostas do Simon, decidimos publicar a entrevista em inglês.  


When did you start running and why?

I started running 8 years ago after I stopped smoking. I was very unfit and fat and I really needed to take control of my life. Running was a simple way to take back control.


What’s your favourite distance?
I love the marathon. I like the fact that they are all the same length and you can test yourself 


How often (and distance) do you train during a “normal” week?

In the run up to my last marathon I would run between 8 and 10 times per week. 


Do you listen to music when training or not?  
I do from time to time, but probably only once or twice a week. I don't like messing around looking for headphones, etc so usually I just get going. I don't listen to music for faster or hill sessions - I need to concentrate for them!


What’s you next goal in running?

This summer it is all about ultras with the UTMB CCC in August. I am working on my plan at the moment, but I think I will be targeting a top 20 finish.


How is the urban running scene in the UK?
Especially in London where you are located? - we are really blessed that there are so many groups in London - dozens of clubs and of course we have the amazing RunDemCrew ( which I am honoured to be part of. Charlie, who runs the 'Crew, is an amazing man.


You and Julie (Simon’s partner) have been running some ultra races, and doing some trail running?
Is this an “evolution” for runners, or just another way to enjoy running?
For me it is a way to challenge myself in a new way. With my marathon PB now, improvements are marginal and very hard work, so trail running gives me a chance to learn anew and find improvements that do not require 15 hours of training a week which is essential now that we have launched our own business.


Julie and Simon at the CCC featured in German Trail Magazine


It´s trail running growing in UK?
Massively! We have a history of fell running so we have lots of places to go and people are also discovering that the Alps are only 6 hours away. It is great to see this scene growing so fast in the UK and elsewhere.


You have a running blog ( When did you create it? And what’s its main propose?

The blog started out as a way for me to record my progression as a runner and keep me honest. It has become a way that I can try to help people become better runners and explain that anyone can become a better runner and a better person in the process if they choose to. I want to get the whole world out running - could you imagine that?!?


And you also run a marketing agency dedicated to run. When and why did you create this?
I have always worked in marketing and corporate communication and my wife - who co-owns the business - is a creative technologist. So we realized that we have very compatible skills and share a love of running and endurance sports. So we decided to blend passion and professions into one. Honestly, Julie was the one with the courage to really give this a go and I am so grateful to her for that. 


And, last but not least, you both recently have launch “Like The Wind” magazine. Why and what’s the main goal?
We love stories about running - not 'how to…' articles. It is inspirational and moving stories that get us out of the door running day after day and we thought that the same must be true for many other runners. We wondered why there wasn't something like that in the running scene especially as there is in the cycling scene. So we decided to take a risk and give life to our idea for a magazine full of stories about running the move, inspire, amuse and motivate people. Thankfully the response has been amazing and we are now a few days away from going to print with issue #2. What we would really like to do is provide a vehicle for runners to express themselves in words and images and in doing so affect other runners who read the magazine - we really want the magazine to be part of the running community.


What’s your advice to the ones that are now starting to run?
Persist. For people who have become sedentary, running is tough when you start, but it gets easier and more fulfilling, so don't quit. Once you have passed through the inertia and running is something you do all the time, you will unlock an incredibly powerful activity that will change your life for the better.


What does running mean to you?
My twitter biog is "I run marathons. Everything else is a result of that" and that is true: I love running and endurance sports and I owe most of what I am and what I do now to running!





ID:Simon Freeman
Age: 39

Profession: Business co-owner and magazine editor (and runner)

Personal Best Time Marathon: 2:37:07
Personal Best Time Half Marathon: 73:54
Favourite race: London Marathon 2013 (but that is a very, very tough choice -  there are too many amazing  races!)
Favourite race shoes: Adidas Adios adiZero
Favourite training shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider