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Correr na Cidade

Entrevista de Paula Radcliffe ao The Guardian

Paula Radcliffe at the Nike Flyknit Experience at Somerset HouseO blog do jornal britânico "The Guardian"  publicou recentemente uma entrevista que fez à maratonista e recordista mundial da distância, Paula Radcliffe. Eis os excertos (em inglês) mais interessantes sobre a forma como a atleta aborda a corrida. Para ler na integra aqui.Paula Radcliffe: 'I've gone crazy not being able to run'Where is your favourite place to run? I always love running in Central Park [New York]. To be in a beautiful park, but to have the Manhattan skyline just there is pretty special. But I also love Fort Romeu [France], running along some coastal paths, some places in Iten [Kenya]. Basically I have favourite places everywhere I go.When someone asks for a training tip what do you tell them? Make sure you get the right running shoes for you. Get some gait analysis done in a running shop. And don't just run at one pace all the time, but put some fartlek [alternating between fast and slow pace], or hillwork into your schedule. And do some core training as well.What's your favourite running gadget? Hmm. Well a heart-rate monitor is pretty vital, especially when I was pregnant. And the AlterG, an anti-gravity treadmill.Do you ever run to music? Yes, in the gym, but never outside. I prefer to be in tune with my surroundings and to be aware of things. I like listening to my footstrike and my breathing. It can be quite soothing.What's your favourite post-race indulgence? Food of any sort. It varies. It can be anything. Sometimes it's something savoury, like chips or a cheese sandwich, or it could be chocolate, or wine.What is the worst thing about running? Getting injured.What do you eat the morning of a race? A bowl of porridge with banana, honey and chocolate.Do you put the chocolate on the porridge? Sometimes. And I make it with water or rice milk, as I have a lactose intolerance.What's the furthest distance you've ever run? A marathon. Well, a mile warm up and then a marathon, so 27 miles, I guess. I've no desire to do one of those 50-mile races like the Comrades or anything like that.Do you ever run barefoot? Only on the beach. But I do lots of runs in Nike Frees [minimalist running shoes].